Slivovitz Plum Brandy


Slivovitz plum brandy, the most represented natural fruit brandy in this region, is produced from the blue plum according to an ancient recipe and under contemporary technology. Refined way of processing and a constant monitoring of the fermentation process, preserve the natural irresistible taste of Slivovitz from the colorful Potkozarje region; its quality, intensive and distinguished aroma and taste.

We are proud that this brandy possesses originality and bears the
stamp of centuries-long tradition and it is considered to be a national drink. Ever since the 19th century, wealthy European feasts were demonstrating their prestige and luxury by serving this marvelous drink. With its bouquet, this brandy awakens the sense of privilege. By consuming it one cherishes tradition, but when presented as a gift it shows true respect.

We guarantee the quality of the Gazdina’s Plum Brandy by our name!